Bronwyn Barter

Bronwyn Barter – Breathwork Therapist

Bronwyn Barter was the principle of Rebirther Training Australia. She has been training Breathworkers in South Australia and Victoria for more than 20 years. Bronwyn has been a practising Breathwork Therapy for more than 28 years. She is internationally recognised in her field and is considered by many of her students and clients to be a master and mentor.

In addition to being a qualified Breathwork Therapy Trainer, she holds a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and is the founder of the Australian Academy of Rebirthing and Breathwork (incorporated in SA & VIC).

Bronwyn is an open hearted, inspiring woman who lives as she teaches. She is passionate about her purpose, which is to teach people to become emotionally aware, and to live life to its fullest.


Bronwyn Barter – Author

Bronwyn Barter has released a revolutionary book that debunks the myths about depression and provides the solutions everyone’s been waiting for. Through her years of experience as a breathworker, Bronwyn now brings us her own unique take on depression, and how to heal it once and for all. Throughout the book, Bronwyn utilises new perspectives on the various types of depression, case studies from her own clients, and natural approaches to healing in order to provide a new understanding of the causes of, and cure for depression.

Read this life-changing book, and get off the merry-go-round once and for all!

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Understanding depression is the first step to your healing process – don’t wait!

Why use Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork Therapy has two main benefits:

Firstly, the Breathwork technique we use creates deep relaxation in the body, and supplies the brain with increased oxygen levels. This in turn aids our ability to access our subconscious thoughts.

Secondly, you are encouraged to reach your own conclusions and realisations.

How many sessions do I need?

After the first introductory session of approximately 3 hours, a typical Breathwork session lasts for about 2 hours.

It is recommended that a number of sessions be taken in order to reach a level of clarity and competence to be able to Rebirth oneself.

Once you have reached this stage you are able to incorporate this into your everyday life as you can with yoga, meditation, or any other self-help technique.


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