Breathwork Therapy – What is it?

Breathwork, was originally practiced and taught by its founder Leonard Orr, is a very gentle breathing process. This type of breathing releases physical, emotional and mental stress, energises the body and induces a deep state of relaxation and clarity of mind.

During the Breathwork process most people have profound insights into their lives, and are able to see solutions to their problems.

The aim of Breathwork is the expansion of awareness, and becoming more enlightened with, and accepting of oneself.

The breathing technique is called connected breathing – breathing without any pause between the inhale and exhale. The body is oxygenated and as increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long been held in tension, stored or suppressed memories, emotions and mental patterns are recalled and released.

Once a person has passed through the initial release stage, the session becomes meditative and a deep sense of relaxation and heightened awareness is reached.

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Is Breathwork Therapy Safe?

Breathwork is a safe, simple, breathing technique that provides the opportunity for a client to become aware of patterns and thoughts that are formed in the past.

With awareness and present time knowledge of themselves, the client is then able to release and resolve outdated thinking and behaviours and restore their lives to a more peaceful way of living.

Breathwork is not hypnotic; it uses the connected and conscious breathing technique to gain insights and awareness. The Breathwork style used and taught by RTA is gentle, subtle and respectful. The trainers of RTA see enforced catharsis and evaluation as unnecessary and invasive.

Someone who is seeking a different level of conscious understanding about their life, is mostly likely to use the Breathwork technique. These times would likely to be at times of change or wanting to make changes in your life or at times of emotional upset. Some clients come to Breathwork to keep a clear mind, heart and soul.

“Many clients come to Breathwork, looking for the answers, that they know, are deeply buried within themselves.
When you begin to understand that you are 100% responsible for your own outcomes on this life’s journey, then breathworking can give you the tools. It provides a way to gain your own insights, your own realizations are much more powerful than those that are directed from others to you. Once a person can see clearly, what it is that has been holding them up, it is so much easier to get on, change the old patterns and have a great life.” – Bronwyn Barter, Breathwork/Trainer

When do I use Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork is a technique or tool that can be used anytime, and people who have a strong need and desire to change aspects of their lives that they are not happy about usually initially seek it. This could be their family relationships, or a work relationship.

Some people seek out Breathwork as a way to heal their habits and addictions. Breathwork can also be used as a technique to give awareness to spiritual aspects of oneself. Deep relaxation occurs when the heart mind and body totally surrender to the rhythm of the breath. As a result of the spiritual self is more easily viewed and therefore an experience that is quite exquisite can occur.

Breathwork as a general experience raises awareness of new positive possibilities and ideas of how to change their lives which leads to raising feelings of hope, peace and harmony with life.

What happens in a session?

A Breathworking session with a professional Breathworker is an easy process. The first session with a Breathworker is usually of a longer time duration; ie up to three hours. This time allows for a full questionnaire to be filled out and also allows ample time for the practitioner and the client to come to a clear understanding of the goals for the client. Example questions: “What do you want to change in your life?” and “What would you like to achieve from Breathworking?”

The breathing component of a Breathworking session lasts for a full one hour period of time. The thought of doing this breathing technique for an hour seems at first a long time, however after the experience of the breathwork session clients are often amazed that one hour has elapsed. After the breathing process, the client and Breathworker discuss the outcome of the session and if necessary the client can decide that they want an affirmation* to help keep them on track in a positive state of mind.

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