Living in Fear is Not Safe

Whenever I hear my old way of thinking bounced back at me from another, I get to see at what my life used to be and how it caused me to suffer.

So recently when in a conversation someone said to me that their motto in life was to “Suspect everyone and trust nobody, ” I felt my body reel into a split second of flashback. That was me many years ago! […]

Am I too sensitive? – Simply Breathing

Am I too sensitive? This is the question that is often posed to me by my clients – Simply Breathing

At the times when we feel like we are experiencing hurt or sadness, and people around us don’t seem to understand the depth of our feelings, we can begin to question our own responses. Am I too sensitive? Am I over –reacting? Should I just  “suck it up” and get on with it?

So what is “too sensitive?”


Depression, sadness and unhappiness

Depression, sadness and unhappiness are usually a sign that your relationships are not working!

I know that this sounds like an obvious statement, however I see many wonderful people living a life of unhappiness because, although they love their partners, they are making themselves miserable just by living with them day by day. […]

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